Piece of Cake Fundraiser

Sebastian Miranda, Savannah Shaub, Carmella Sherman

Mark Park, Sarkis Ushakyan

            Tuesday, October 3rd, the students at Millikan had an assembly for a fundraiser called Piece of Cake. A guest speaker from Piece of Cake came to Millikan to help us raise money for our school. This fundraiser is designed to help our school raise money for our educational needs and wants; students also have opportunities to win awesome prizes. The fundraiser ends on October 24th, so you only have about two weeks to try to sell treats to your family. Some of the prizes include a dance party, gaming truck, and a drone with a go pro. These prizes are not only awesome on their own, but they inspire students to help our school by selling cakes, cookies, and sports foam room decor.

This fundraiser sure is delicious too! From cheesecake to crumbcake to pretzel dogs, there are so many yummy options to choose from. It is important to note that the original baker of the cheesecake for Cheesecake Factory started this fundraising program.

Not only are there desserts, but there are fan foams and wrapping paper too. Fan foams are posters or clocks of your favorite sports team from the NFL, MLB, and NBA. This combination of wrapping paper and sweet treats makes it perfect for the holidays. As the holidays approach, families are stocking up on yummy foods to enjoy during the holidays. The wrapping paper and fan foams make perfect gifts, and anyone would be excited to receive them. The date that you receive your items is November 6, 2017.

Millikan Middle School is asking all the students to try to help out and sell at least six items. Remember to only sell to your family, family friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Please do not go door-to-door and to sell to strangers, we want all students to be safe.