A Guest Visits Costume Design

Dalida Kevorkian, Carys Liebgold, Mariam Sardzhyan

On October 12, 2017 Mari Embre visited the costume design class to give tips on designing and making costumes for a stage performance. The costumes being talked about were based on Alice and the Wonderland. The students designed the costumes with the help of Mrs. Wright so it would fit the theme. They were able to present their character’s costumes and tell how the colors and structure of the costume tied in with the character’s personality.

Mari Embre and Mrs. Wright showed other costumes, not made by the students. One of them as a wedding dress that was modified so the cuffs were taken off and neckline was made lower. Also, a zipper was added so the bride could get in and out the dress easily. Silver decorations were added because it would shine under the theatrical lights on stage during the performance.

Everyone gave very supportive and constructive critiques. Student renditions of the costumes are very unique and creative each had lots of thought put into it. Thank you Mrs. Wright, Mari Embre and all the other visitors. Also, thank you to each and every group of students in costume design for sharing your creations.