Google AR Expedition

Kali Coleman. Tal Erez, Christian Perez, Allen Polishuk

On Thursday October 5th, Google brought samples for us to try their new Augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality is similar to Virtual reality, except Virtual reality makes you feel like you are in another place while Augmented reality blends in the real world with imaginary objects or items. Teachers took their students to Burrill Hall to experience this event.

There were two classes in Burrill Hall at a time. Different classes were able to see different things around the room. Some science classes saw DNA while history classes saw artifacts. Students were given phones on selfie sticks to be able to move around and experience this new type of reality in all perspectives. Some people were taking pictures of themselves next to the objects they saw through the phones.

When Lucas Snepvangers reporters learned his opinin about the event. Lucas said he like the expedition, “…because it is useful and symbolizes the future.”

Google’s generosity allowed us to try their new technology called Augmented Reality. It was a new experience for all of us, and a great way to learn about the future before us. We would like to thank Google for bringing us this new technology.