Lucy Kleinberg, Elene Kodabakshian, Andrew Pak, Arthur Shamgunov, London Torrez

Tuesday October 31st was Halloween, and here at Millikan Middle School we love Halloween. Walking around the school hallways all you saw were spooky ghouls and some crazy and magnificent Halloween costumes. The Thriller dance here at Millikan is a way we celebrate this fun holiday by having the entire 6th grade dance students dance to the song Thriller by Michael Jackson; it also allows the dance teachers to teach about Jackson’s choreography style. Many student and parents come to watch and this is fun for all of us as we get to see all the 6th graders dressed as zombies and perform.

The thriller dance is an honorable tradition and is greatly enjoyed by students and parents. Halloween is a truly fun time here at Millikan, with music and dance performances, BOO Grams, and even a school dance at lunch. It is something everyone looks forward to and is something the 8th graders will miss.