High School Night Information Night

Kylie Dennis, Elizabeth Frisch, Albert Khudaverdyan, Tiara Martinez


On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Millikan Middle School hosted, high school night from 6pm to 8pm.  High school night is an event that Millikan holds every year for its eighth graders and is sponsored by our PTSA.

The invited high schools in the area came to Millikan and talked about the different programs that the schools may have offer.  The high schools passed out flyers and answered questions from both the parents and students about their schools.  Representatives from each of the schools explained to the families that came why they should consider going to that school.  Some schools also had students that have gone or go to that school to give examples of what that school is like and how the school influenced these students in a positive way.

Forty-nine different schools came to Millikan this year.  They offered a ton of choices depending on what kind of school you were looking for.  Private schools, magnet schools, public schools, charter schools, an all boys school, and a few all girl schools, were all kinds of schools that came to Millikan’s high school night.  All these schools had different programs to choose from.  This event was held to get the eighth grade students thinking about what schools they may want to go next year, and to get more information on the schools that caught their eye during the event.