School Tours are Going On

Lucy Kleinberg, Elene Kodabakshian, Andrew Pak, Arthur Shamgunov, London Torrez

Every Wednesday this month there was a tour on the different academies and magnets here at Millikan Middle School. These academies include the math academy, performing arts, performing arts magnet, and cinematic arts. At the beginning of the tour, Ms. Nunez showed us a PowerPoint presentation about the school. After the presentation, the heads of the academies took groups of parents, guardians, and some children to different classrooms relating to each academy where the teachers talked about what they do in their class and the parents got the opportunity to ask questions about the curriculum and what happens the class. The parents got pamphlets detailing what goes on in each academy.

Math Academy is a 3-year program, which places students in high honors, all academics academy. Math academy is designed for students who excel in mathematics and problem solving. In 6th grade they learn pre-algebra or algebra placement, in 7th grade they learn algebra, and in 8th grade they learn geometry.

The Cinematic Arts Academy is a 3-year program from grades 6-8. They learn basic film making techniques, which develops into advanced screenwriting, cinematography, sound, picture editing, and VFX editing. The cinematic arts academy launched in 2012 and quickly became the only middle school film program in southern California to win 20+ film awards by the spring of 2013.

The Performing Arts Academy is also a 3-year program, which focuses on vocal, dancing, acting, and/or instrumental music. The electives include drama, choir, orchestra, and band in 6th grade and drama, costume design, stage design, musical theatre workshop, band, strings, percussion ensemble, drums, and choir in 7th and 8th grade. The students will have to take dance instead of P.E. to meet their P.E. requirement.

The SAS program is a program, which offers honors or accelerated classes to students who are identified gifted or talented (GATE) in one or more areas. There are over 50 honors or accelerated class sections offered in math, English, history, and science for grades 6-8. Accelerated classes are also offered in all arts classes.

Overall, the tour explained a lot about the school and the different things that go on in each academy. If you plan on going to this school, we suggest going on this tour as it is very helpful.