Michelle Babalyan, Kenia Contreras, Kylie Dennis, Victoria Gandapas,                   Savannah Shaub, Jaxon Smith

Every year, the Millikan Math Academy hosts a three-day retreat for its students. This year, the trip was to CIMI, the Catalina Island Marine Institute. The days were spent kayaking, snorkeling, completing rope courses, and so much more.  Although, the point of the trip was to learn, the students had a great time doing so.

All three grades were invited on the trip. Spending three quality time days together, as well as building and nurturing friendships.

Every activity was hands on, so students were able to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. When kayaking some students were not comfortable with doing it, but were still willing to take a chance and to go through the experience. Ultimately, students  had fun trying something new, like kayaking. Students learned different techniques to better be able to work together, cooperating with others over the weekend taking care of themselves and helping to take care of each other. All the students were able to be independent and learn for themselves, and work together through cooperation learning  with their peers.

Once again, the Millikan Math Academy hosted another successful retreat. Everyone had a great time and memories were built to last a lifetime. The picture perfect weekend was not one to be forgotten.