Connecting Cultures Museum

Andrew Gamm, Albert Khudaverdyan, Lishai Mansur, Agam Polad, Adam Shlesinger, Artem Sukiasyan


On October 10, 2018, the Connecting Cultures Museum came to Millikan Middle School. This museum holds many artifacts from many diverse cultures and religions from the past. This museum helps to give students a visual representation of how different cultures used to live in the past.

This Museum is very informative and helps give the students and adults a better understanding of various people and the things that represent their way of life in the past. This is possible because of all the artifacts that the museum has to offer. These artifacts really show us how much our generation and the generations before us have advanced, how different we all really are and how similar. The artifacts range from being made hundreds of years ago to versions of these items today.

The artifacts that were shown differ from what category they fall under. Some artifacts are very religious and have spiritual meaning behind them and some are just artifacts are more casual like different games that can be found around the world.

The museum also shows how these diverse and different cultures still have some a kind of connection with each other sharing a few similarities. These similarities can be how different cultures used the same techniques to do their everyday tasks, like a brush or comb for hair.

The curator of the mobile museum, Connecting Cultures, Valerie Lezin,  shared, “I wanted to create the museum so that students can see and understand other cultures and see their families cultural background.” She also says that, “The artifacts are from their original countries. Sometimes students and teachers donate artifacts from their families. We also buy them from neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and sometimes we get them from traveling from different countries. “ And that the museum helps kids learn more about history because students are able to hold a part of history helping to better understand and relate.