High School Preview Night

Michelle Babalyan, Kenia Contreras, Kylie Dennis, Victoria Gandapas, Savannah Shaub, Jaxon Smith


On October 17, Millikan hosted our annual High School Information Night for our 8th grade students who are researching and applying to schools for next year. High School Night includes dozens of schools from the Los Angeles area who come in to share with parents and perspective students a brief understanding of their school and its opportunities. Each school is individual and unique, so hosting as many schools as we can help students find the best fit for them.

Hosted by Ms. Wasserman and Ms. Gass, we hope students can understand each school individually; as they apply to high school and find the two best fits for them. Applying to schools is stressful, and when students are unsure what they want, even more stress builds up. Considering the next four years will be spent in high school, it is crucial that the school is fit to the student, and High School Night gives them a jump start to determining their future. This year, the schools will all be public, and belong to LAUSD, so families who want to stay in the public school system can still find a school fit to their child. Our school prioritizes their students and their future. High school night is dedicated to our futures.

Hopefully most of our Millikan 8th graders will stop by at 6 pm on October 17, and begin to decide where to spend the next four years of school. The high school transition is crucial, and at some times stressful, so Millikan is doing everything in their power to make the transition as easy and efficient as possible. All eighth grade students and their families are welcome, and we truly hope students will take a glimpse at their future.