Magnet and Academy Tours of the Future Turtles

Kamila Benetez, Matthew Chasek, Jacqueline Chavez, Tal Erez, Carmella Sherman

Has everyone seen all the visitors we have on campus each week? These are students and families that touring and will hopefully be 6th graders in one of our great programs and academies next year. Some of the academies here at Millikan are Math Academy, Performing Arts, and Cinematic Arts, we also have our Performing Arts Magnet, and next year SAGE – Social and Gender Equality.

During school tours, our Magnet Coordinator, Mr. Porter talks about all the different programs and how to get into them. He explains the physical education for each program, which is yoga for SAGE, dance for Performing Arts, and a choice between P.E. and dance for the rest. When the tour walks into the classes, the teachers explain what their class is about and how the students will learn. For example, if they were to walk into Mr. McGaffey or Ms. Major’s band room, the class would play a song for them.

We are so happy to see so many families and students on our tours learning about our school and hope they will decide to join our Millikan family. Tours continue all the way to March, please visit. We are a very diverse community here at Millikan and we would love for you to join us.