Millikan’s Got Talent

Breanne De la Pena, Mary Galebyan, Sarah Hernandez, Dalida Kevorkian, Natasha Nadler, Sarkis Ushankyan

Millikan Middle School had hosted their 2nd Annual Talent Show this year. It was a spectacular show. The talent show was a huge success. There were many acts, from singers and dancers to magicians and musicians.

The show is produced by Ms. Weiss and Mr. Frome. This years host was Maddie KC-Jordan and Mauricio Lara, and they did a great job even using improve to lighten up the audience’s mood with their tiny skits in between acts.  There was a total of 32 acts of some showing us their musicality, and they showed it off VERY well, especially the ones that gave the audience goose bumps! The dance numbers were shockingly good, wowing us with amazing dance moves.

We have many students here at Millikan that are very passionate about the performing arts. You’ve got to see it to believe it!