PTSA Socials and Meetings

Andrew Aguirre, Chloe Beenen, Aurika Hrebeniuk, Elene Kodabakshian, Dennis Ramirez, Skylar Stevens

The first PTSA social was on Tuesday, September 25th and the first PTSA meeting was on Wednesday, September 26th. The PTSA social took place on the Lauble Lawn at lunch. They started serving dinner at 6:00pm but the meeting started at 6:30pm.

They started the meeting off by introducing the 2018-2019 PTSA board. Our principal is Felicia Drew, the president of PTSA is Donna Simon Livett, and we have one unfilled spot for VP membership chair. The next thing discussed was certain events such as the Thanksgiving baskets, membership socials, and PTSA fundraisers. They have different opportunities for volunteers such as the Spring Extravaganza and Giving for the Holidays.

The PTSA Socials are lots of fun! We have had two this year, the last one was pizza and music on Lauble Lawn.

The PTSA meetings are monthly, and they also have PTSA board meetings every month except for December and June. The next meeting for PTSA members is November 28th. The dinner starts at 6:00pm and the meeting starts at 6:30pm.