Respect, Care, and Paying It Forward

Andrew Aguirre, Chloe Beenen, Aurika Hrebeniulk, Elene Kodabakshian,                     Dennis Ramirez, Skylar Stevens

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the month where we all have the opportunity to support those who have been affected by this horrible disease. It is also to honor those who have survived the fight against Cancer. Millikan has taken this opportunity to ask all students to show respect by wearing pink and bring in spare change to contribute to the fight.

At Millikan Middle School, our students can donated money and wrote words of support and encouragement on a poster. The donations from the students will be sent to local cancer research programs. The poster will be shared with patients in a cancer treatment program. It was great to see the sea of students in pink participate in our school event on October 26th.

Other things our students had the chance to do included making ping ribbons and buttons and spraying their hair pink. It is important to remember that we, as students, can make and help a cause in society if many students come together as one. By showing our strength in numbers we can make a huge difference in the world.

The saying, “live your life like everyday is your last” gives us motivation to live life well and pay it forward so that others have a good quality of life too!